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I had a conversation with my son about euthanasia this weekend.  I told him how lucky we are that we can give that gift to our pets.  I’ve never had the luxury of a pet “just dying” in their sleep of old age.  I’ve had to euthanize five of my pets, they were all hard but 100% the right decision.  

The worst, my cat Puck, who had gone into diabetic ketoacedosis while I was on a business trip (at the largest veterinary conference of the year, NAVC).  Unfortunately, my husband was with me on the trip to visit my parents while they wintered in Florida.  I couldn’t leave the conference to be with her.  She was stable but not doing well so my husband had to jump on a flight home in the middle of the night.  The next afternoon I was on the phone to say goodbye while she was euthanized.  I don’t wish that experience on anyone.

My favorite patient was euthanized this weekend.  I was off but chose to come in to be with “my” Truman.  Yea, I’m a crazy pet owner and crazy vet nurse (as my colleagues will attest). Truman had this look.  This droopy Beagle like sadness, but he wasn’t sad.  From the outside he seemed like Eeyore but he was just content.  He had a great life, as all rescues should. Such a little love bug wrapped in a big Boxer package.

Leslie The Pet Nurse     Leslie The Pet Nurse.   Leslie The Pet Nurse    Leslie The Pet Nurse

As a Veterinary Nurse, I’m always thankful to be able to participate in giving our patients, and their pet parents a good end of life experience.  Yesterday was different, and this sounds kind of terrible, but it was the best euthanasia experience of my career.  

His Mom & Dad cuddled up to him and I was able to rub his belly.  I stayed with and took care of all of his post euthanasia care.  My sadness is tempered because I was able to care for him in the end, post mortem forehead cuddles and kisses too.   

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss him terribly. His little nubben wag, the face to face cuddles, the look he’d give me when I’d have to take just one more picture of him.  I can smile knowing he had and his family, the best experience possible, and he didn’t have to needlessly suffer.  A gift we can give to our pets we can’t give to our human family members.

Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge Truman.  Stop by and say hello to Molly, Brisbane, Puck, Nellie, and Louis for me 🌈  💔


Leslie The Pet Nurse

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