Lunar Landing Module

The 88 Pound Labrador

Our newest family member was adopted in April 2018 through Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption.  As you may have guessed I have been a long time Pug parent and proudly so.  We were looking for a Pug or something similar, or maybe even an old bird dog (German short-haired Pointer, Vizsla) but one day I saw this picture. 

The Right Stuff

Angel Assassin was her shelter name. She is approximately 11 years and was an owner surrender.  She had been at Unleashed for about 3 weeks.  At least 10 people had come to look at her but felt she was too old.  During lunch I went to meet her. I sat on the floor with her and I knew I loved her already.  She was the right dog for our family. I took pictures and sent them to my husband with the text “we all need to go meet her tonight, including Duke”. Duke is our 10-year-old Pug, who since the death of our other Pug two years earlier has been particularly unhappy with other dogs.

We had an event that evening that I couldn’t dump her with our babysitter after having her for only an hour at our house.  Adoptions are on a first come first severe, so we left the shelter at 6:50 PM (10 minutes before closing) and I arrived back at 9:55 AM just prior to opening.  She was still there.

We knew were going to change her name.  She is an Angel, but we hoped not an assassin.  After many ideas my son, a big fan of NASA and the Purdue University legacy of Astronauts (Armstrong, Cernan, Chaffee, Grissom, + 23 more) he wanted to name her Lunar Landing Module.  I suggested Eagle (the Eagle has landed, lunar landing module).  He didn’t like that.  We settled on Luna.

As we didn’t know how well house trained she was I ordered a crate help in her assimilate to her new home.  Giving her own space, a bed and keep the dogs separate when unsupervised.

We Have A (Car) Problem

I ordered the crate to be delivered on the first day we’d have her during the week. sent me a 72 inch cat tree.  Not only did I not order the cat tree it was a good 50 pounds plus it was raining and the cardboard box was getting soaked.  After two conversations with a 42″ dog crate was on its way.  Luckily I have a dog friendly office.  Luna came from the shelter and became a working dog in two days.  Although we had been looking for a dog, I hadn’t anticipated  an 88 pound Labrador.  Did I mention I drive a Prius.  I love my Prius.  Although it can old 10 bags of mulch, it doesn’t comfortable hold a giant Black Lab (I’ll be in search of a third-row seat car soon).

Luna is a dream.  She has become a welcome visitor to the office. She accompanies me every couple of weeks.  She brings a smile to the faces of my colleagues, just as she does for us.  This is the second senior dog we have adopted.  The only bad thing about adopting a senior pet is you’ve missed so much of their lives.  I hope Luna, my Stella Luna lives many more years so we can spoil her and relish the joy she has brought into our home.