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Take Your Dog to Work (Home Office) Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day has a whole different meaning this year.  For many pet parents the commute is short and bathroom breaks for the dog won’t require an elevator.   This year marks the 22nd anniversary of PSI’s Take Your Dog to Work Day®. This has been one heck of a year.  I think we are all looking to 2021 and hoping for a more normal life.  Until then, here are my professional tips to have a great day everyday as you take your dogs to work:

Keep them Safe

When the FedEx guy comes to the door (with wine you must sign for) don’t let all of your dogs out to greet him.  Your crazy dog may hate big trucks and decide to run after and cut off said FedEx truck as he pulls away.

Join the Fun

If you dog likes to join the fun on video calls, don’t let them start howling when your office mate brings in his breakfast during a call with the CEO.  It’s hard to keep a professional face and they may see your sweatpants when you stand up.  My solution: put a fake dog in the background so your colleagues think you have a well behaved dog.

Take Your Dog to Work
Two meetings at once.

and You Get a Bed, and…

Keep a bed in every room of the house.  Between home summer camp and two adults on calls all day you may need to move location for subsequent meetings.  Ensure your dog doesn’t have to wait for you to move a bed.  Simply have one in any possible location: the deck, living room, TV room, dining room kitchen.  It’s just bad pet parenting if you don’t.

Take Your Dog to Work At Home Day Leslie The Pet Nurse
Working & sunbathing.

Exercise is Good

Potty breaks are essential and good for you and your furry family members to get out of the house.  Get in a good routine: morning walk, lunch break to the mail box, afternoon stroll to catch up with the neighbors from more than 6 feet away, evening tug of war to eagerly see the rabbits and squires.  If you do this right you may have gotten in all of your steps and a bit of weight resistance for the day done!

Hopefully next year we will all be back in our offices and you can read my previous Take Your Dog to Work Day post.  Here’s to all the pet parents (and parents of humans) out there who are making our lives work in these incredible stressful times.


Stay Safe and Sassy Everyone!


Leslie the Pet Nurse

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